I recently read an article discussing the change in bread in Australia. For years we have enjoyed the luxury of fresh daily bread. Yes. Fresh. Daily. Supermarkets stocked their shelves with fresh bread every day and we made fresh sandwiches everyday and the next day it was toast then breadcrumbs. Left over bread from the shelves was then sold to pig farmers for pig food.

As an Aussie living in the US, I have always told fellow Americans how damn good the bread was back home and how much I missed it and now it seems we have lost that tradition and luxury. The bread manufacturers are going to change the bread 'recipe' so that the bread can last up to 14 days. I have always been amazed and a little dubious that my loaf of bread here can last that long. What is in it to make it last this long? But I always had the comfort of knowing that when I go home, I get my dose of fresh bread. Now, no more.

I go back to the days of having fresh milk delivered to my doorstep. Popping the top of that glass bottle, practically knocking the cream of the top with a knife and pouring that fresh milky liquid all over my cereal seemed so natural then, but a hard to find luxury now. All the basics have been messed with in order to make life easier for us all. Who wants to buy fresh bread every day when you can buy it every other day?. Well I do.

I have my organic garden in place as I am tired of eating fake vegetables from the supermarket. I have worm bins in order to make fresh, natural compost for my gardens. And now it seems I have to start baking my own bread. I may have to give up work in order to eat natural foods as the time I have to spend just to keep myself healthy has taken over my life.

Yes, I know that I can go to a co-op or farmers market to purchase organic vegetables but really, what guarantee is there that these vegetables are 100% organic and they are not necessarily cheap and I do enjoy gardening, however I DO NOT enjoy baking bread but I do not wish to pollute my body with this unnatural crap.

I am quite afraid of our future, we are filling our bodies with so many preservatives and fats and god knows what else, I cannot help to wonder what our next evolutionary process will be. Perhaps stupidity, ignorance and illnesses and surviving off prescription medications will be the norm.

Stop the world, I really do want to get off.

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Oh - you might be interested in the weston a price foundation - they have lists of suppliers of good whole foods all over the world...


http://www.westonaprice.org/  Welcome page


http://www.westonaprice.org/local-chapters/find-a-local-chapter  Find your local people and resources




Where to get whole foods in Australia.... :)

Alice, thanks for the sites!  I envy you your cream.  There are several farmers' markets, artisan bread bakers, goat cheese makers, grass fed beef suppliers and Community Supported Agriculture programs in Spokane and surrounding farming towns.  Cooking is becoming even more interesting.  

I like simple cooking with fresh whole foods.....  although some extra natural flavours are good too, such as nutmeg, coriander, cumin, cardamom, turmeric or herbs, parsley, mint, oregano, basil...

Have you tried rich, dark, strong coffee with a dollop of whipped cream and sprinkle of cardamom?  Delicious

Thanks for the links Alice, a treat from home is always appreciated. I can get Aussie food here but it is a bit expensive. Still, the more that I can do from home organically and naturally will be more beneficial than giving over hard earned money to corporate money hungry twits who don't care what we put in our bodies.


Oh how I miss the good old days - and as for hanging laundry out, I am more afraid of someone stealing my jeans than people complaining about it. And yes, remember the smell and feel of bed sheets as they were taken of the clothes line?




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