Feel free to throw in any hunger-generated inventions of your own if there's not already a thread full of them that I've overlooked.

1. Conspicuous egg sandwich
One or more eggs cooked in a pan--once they're cracked into the pan I whack open the yolk so they cook faster due to being flatter.
Two pieces of toast.
And some coriander seed. This is why I call this thing conspicuous.

It's a sandwich. The coriander seed goes between one side of the egg and a piece of toast. I sometimes also put some mustard on the other side of the egg. It's pretty good for something made without trying.

2. Why carrots?
Some cut-up baby carrots (or similar-sized bits of true carrots).
A few breakfast sausages, cut up into little chunks of about an eighth or sixth of a sausage each.
A few mushrooms, cut up.
A little butter.
A teensy sprinkle of garlic powder.
Black pepper (the more freshly cracked the better).

In a pan on the stove put in some butter, the carrots, the mushrooms, and the sausage bits. Putting the carrots in first and waiting a while before putting in the other things may be a good move 'cause they do take longer to cook through. once those three are pretty legitimately cooked, put in, and mix throughout, the garlic powder--just enough to add to the flavor but not so much that it really influences the flavor or makes you burp garlic afterward.

At this point it's basically ready. Once it's scooped out and into a bowl, add the pepper. If you want to in the pan/pot/thing, it's not wrong, but with a grinding device, wait till the last moment to keep what gets on your food as fresh and flavorful-by-the-time-it-gets-to-your-mouth as possible. Also: if you ended up with just TOO much butter in there, resulting in a pool of brown fluid in the bottom of your bowl, go ahead and strain that out. That is unless you like lapping up icky-colored mostly-fat good from dishes or something; I just don't like to see it, myself.

I started this one day with a pack of mushrooms that were on the verge of going bad. I was hungrier than just the butter and mushrooms could provide for; so, I looked in the fridge and saw the breakfast sausages and got inspired. I added them in in chunks. Then I saw the garlic powder and added some 'cause I like it. I put in too much and thought what would be a good complement to garlic and thought of carrots. As luck would have it, there were some baby carrots in the fridge; so, those went in. Looking at the pot with the mixture in it, I felt true satisfaction. Once I poured it into my bowl, I saw the black pepper cracker and got that mischievous feeling again and added some in. I brought some to my mouth and it was like a party where everyone was a good dancer, the music wasn't obfuckingnoxiously loud or retarded, and the snacks were Triscuits with a minced-up version of what I was eating on them. It was great.

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Damn. That looks/sounds good. I don't like broccoli myself, but I'll try a lot of things once. Of course, I had to go look up "filbert" 'cause to me that's that turtle on Rocko's Modern Life, but hazelnuts are good.




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