We've decided to embark on a new culinary adventure in my household.  My partner, who is Chinese, loves tamales.  I, who am white bread midwestern and vegetarian, love them too, but they are made with lard at most tamale places.  


So, neither of us having any idea what we are doing, we have decided to learn at home.  


So far I've ordered a couple of innovative sounding tamale cookbooks.  Both even have vegan masa recipes.  We found the masa, the corn husks, and we have a huge pot normally used to steam dumplings.


Any hints or suggestions for the complete novice?  It sounds like a daylong process, so Im thinking it will be good for xmass or new years.



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Have you heard of bean tamales? I love black bean tamales myself. They are very good and vegetarian. 

They are not all that difficult to make and you can reuse the husks I think. When I was a young man I helped make tamales at their home, I remember it being a pretty straight forward process....and damn were they good, better than any I have ever ordered out.

I ordered a Tamale cookook, it should come this friday.  We'll see what happens!  There are lots of youtube videos with all sorts of variations.  The jalapeño with monterey jack tamale, with a salsa verde topping, that I got in the frozen food section of my grocery store was awesome.  Maybe I'll try that one.

Ohh think of all the yummy tamales you can make. Now I am hungry for tamales.

Bumping this topic up....  

Funny, I bought the masa, got the cookbook...  but never made any tamales.  Time to try again.  Summer should be a good time.  We can cook them outside.

Anyone have good advice about tamale making?   No lard for me - vegetarian.  I've seen some made with crisco and some with butter.




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