I recently won a Trager smoker/grille  from my local butcher shop and was wondering if anyone else here has experianced the thrill of the grille with these bad boys. Apart from possibly being the greatest frozen hamburger cooking device known to man they do amazing ribs and in one hour I produced my apple stuffed and rootbeer/apple jelly glazed porkchops and a side of sweet potatoes.

Here is what my chops came out looking like (trust me they taste just as good)

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Yum! The chops look good. No I haven't even heard of the device your talking about. I don't grill much period. I do more cooking over the campfire than grilling.
My brother has owned several over the years and has been extolling their virtues (he is on a bbq team for the butcher that i won it from), they are a bit pricy so winning one was a boon as my model retails for around 450 dollars U.S. and I'm stapped for cash with two teenage boys at home to feed so I'd never buy one for myself. I have run a cost analysis and my cost for smoking a rack of ribs for around 4 hours runs around $2.50, try that with charcoal.
Pricy indeed. I won't be getting one anytime soon, lol. I also have two teenage boys to feed.
Running it that cheap sounds awesome though. So it uses propane?
Acually it uses special compressed wood pellets that come in a variety of flavors from the usual mesquite to hickory, peach, pecan, apple and even grape (not sure about that one) that sell for around $15 for a 20lb bag. It uses a small electric hot plug similar to a glow plug for a diesel engine, the plug heats up to red hot and an auger feeds pellets into the unit's firebox until they ignite and fans keep airflow going to sustain the burn and the plug shuts off. The controller feeds pellets acording to the temp setting desired and the hardest part about using the unit it learning to ignore it and let it do it's thing.
P.S. an inverter is available for my unit that allows it to run off a cigerette lighter from a car or truck (obviously you would want to run the engine occasionally to avoid killing the battery)
Oh I've seen heaters for the home that work just like that. Very cool. You are so lucky to have won it.
Exactly except for the obvious pellet differance as these are food grade pellets and contain no chemical binders etc. that would make the food icky.
And the flavors. What flavor did you try?
I've use hickory,apple,mesquite and pecan so far.
And can you actually notice a difference? I've never cooked with flavored wood.
Pecan and fruitwoods are sweeter and less sharp (good for fish and poultry), while hickory and mesquite have a stronger smoke flavor (good for pork, beef and mutton) so you use certain woods for certain foods.
Put the traeger smoker to work this afternoon and invented a new recipe for citrusy, smokey, friggin awesome baby back ribs! Think I'll name them "Honey, orange you glad it mustard been love ribs"

2-3 racks of baby back ribs (remove silver skin membrane on backside of ribs and dust heavy with lemon pepper)
1/2 can frozen "country style" orange juice concentrate
4 tablespoons of honey mustard
4 tablespoons of honey
1/2 tablespoon course ground black pepper
I used hickory smoker pellets

Smoke ribs on low for 3 to 4 hours
increase heat to med for 1 hour
blend liquids for sauce
pull ribs onto foil lined baking sheet (helps if it fits the smoker)
cover ribs with sauce and another layer of foil
1/2 hour longer on medium
learn kung-fu to fight for seconds
I'd bet good money this sauce would rock on chicken too




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