Butter Pecan ice cream. (stage 1)
Butter Pecan ice cream, chocolate sauce, toasted coconut. (stage 2)
Butter Pecan ice cream, chocolate sauce, toasted coconut, and salted peanuts...with a side of chocolate covered pretzels, and guilt. (stage 3)

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That's a tough question, because I am already very food-motivated as it is. I think when I get really, really melancholy I tend to want to drink alcohol. I don't need an emotional reason to eat my favorite foods. :)
Oh my, I love cheesecake.
When I'm feeling bad I usually just sit around and eat junk food, but to cure melancholy nothing beats deep fried deliciousness. If I eat some properly fried chicken, I won't be melancholy for long :)
I envy cheesecake and fried chicken lovers. I love to cook/bake both. Changing recipes, adding new ideas to them. I just don't enjoy eating them. I WANT to.
Am I alone in this? Is there something you wish you liked, because it looks or smells so good, but you just can't get into?
There are foods that people really seem to like, such as oysters and caviar, that I do not like at all, but I don't wish that I liked them. It is not big deal that I don't. People like what they like.
Spaghetti, followed by a giant spoonful of Nutella.
Hmm....fix-it-food is pasta. Red Sauce made with pork and italian sausage, over rigatoni baked with lightly sauteed mushrooms under a light covering of slightly crusted mozzarella. Garnish with an extra splash of red sauce, torn fresh basil. Serve with fresh, crusty italian bread and a super-or-baby-Tuscan. A green salad afterwards is nice but not required. After this...I feel better.

Keep your hands and feet away from Mig's Melancholy Mouth.
Mmmm, sounds yummy!


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