I thought it would be fun to have a place for everyone to post what they are having for supper on any given day.  I would be very interested to learn what different people typically have for supper.  Maybe I will get some new ideas to spice up my repretoire.  So go ahead and post what you are having for supper.  It doesn't matter if it is very simple or gourmet or somewhere in between.


Tonight I am making split pea soup.  No other dishes.  If anyone is still hungry after their soup then can eat fruit.

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In my family every summer supper traditionally begins with a gazpacho, and the summer lasts from May to September.
I had to look that up. I love all kinds of soup but I have never had cold soup. I'll have to try making that some time.
Wikipedia has a good article on gazpacho, but the basic recipe allows for endless variations, and I've never seen two different persons making exactly the same gazpacho. It seems everyone has their own magical trick to make theirs unique - mine is to add finely sliced mint or peppermint leaves; sometimes I use balsamic vinegar.
This sounds like the kind of thing I've read about gumbo--everyone's recipe is a little different. That kind of thing is right up my alley. I generally end up changing recipes and adding little touches to suit me.

I bet the mint tastes great.
i had greek lamb stakes (grilled ) it was lovely .i agree on the whole if ur hungry eat fruit thing .good attitude ."i made ur tea if ur still hungry then eat some thing else but dont think im gettin it for u".its brill it makes me feel dominiant just coz they're in my house
Mmm...Greek lamb steaks sounds good too. I've never had lamb either. Not even sure if I can get around here.
Sometimes I don't feel like cooking and I either don't (we order pizza or pop in a Stouffer's meal) or I fix something very basic and quick. Other times I feel ambitious and put a lot more effort into supper. Tonight I'm fixing broiled chicken wings with ginger honey sauce, fried rice and peas.
that sounds lovely .im having roast chicken .im well jealous of u
Thanks for posting Dejah. I'm pretty boring, I guess. Typically it is some kind of meat with asparagus, rice, beans, broccoli, or sweet potatoes. Unless I eat out, then it's usually Mexican food. : )
last night i made hummus dip and crudites for a party and it was delicious .if u want a recipe for hummus just ask and ill email bak asap
Somehow I missed your post before. Yes I would like a good recipe for hummus, I have never tried to make it myself.
We have been having a run of pretty hot weather so whatever I make will be done on the grille
(see post about Traeger)




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