I thought it would be fun to have a place for everyone to post what they are having for supper on any given day.  I would be very interested to learn what different people typically have for supper.  Maybe I will get some new ideas to spice up my repretoire.  So go ahead and post what you are having for supper.  It doesn't matter if it is very simple or gourmet or somewhere in between.


Tonight I am making split pea soup.  No other dishes.  If anyone is still hungry after their soup then can eat fruit.

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Do you do all your veggies on the grill too?
Yup, i even bake cookies and pies (too much airflow for cakes) and I love brushing a little extra virgin olive oil (I do not like Rachel Ray so I refuse to use evoo for short) on thick slices of young eggplant and hitting them with seasalt and pepper mmmm tasty and watermelon is awesome just heated through.
So cool. I want one! The eggplant sounds great but I have never heard of heating watermelon. Hmm, not sure if I would like that.
Just warm it enough to release the sugars and juice
Wow, that sounds amazing. So this Bleu cheese in oil stuff--do you eat it straight or spread it on something or what?
That sounds yummy! I love bleu cheese.


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