I live with my fundamentalist Christian parents who do not know that I am not the same. I am going away to university next year, so my dad signed me up for an apologist conference over the summer. I strongly do not want to go, but it seems I have no choice. What should I do? The following link is the basic curriculum that will be taught at the conference: http://www.summit.org/curriculum/high-school/christian-school/ I am looking for tips on what to do while I am there to not go crazy or tips on how to avoid going in the first place. I'm scheduled to leave July 18, so any timely advice would be wonderful.

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I agree, there is great advice here. One way I keep my cool at these religious functions I must attend at times is this: I imagine I am in another country observing their customs and ideas, much like an anthropologist, only as a guest. Now, I would not, as a guest within another culture, lose my cool and tell them what's what. Rather, I'd observe cooly and see what I notice about me. For instance, there will likely be an "alter call". Rather than sitting and seething, notice how many verses of "just as I am" are required to get most of the people down on their knees repenting. Notice the pressure, the words and how they are used, the mannerisms, even the speech patterns. This is what sales people do, and these apologists are great at sales.
YOU will be great!
Excellent suggestions!




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