I'd like to hear from others about their experiences with leaving the faith. How did you personally cope with the loss of your world-view? Did you quickly turn to science/philosophy or other means to rebuild a frame-work? Was it a long process to find/create/discover your identity outside of christianity?

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I really enjoyed reading Stoic philosophy, if you're into that sort of thing, and also found it a good "substitute" for comforting Christian literature that I had used in the past.
I often think about how comforting the religous world view is. It's comforting in a self centered sort of way. It makes the individual feel "safe", like you have found a sole solution for all your problems. But it's merely an escape from dealing with them. My own joy in life that supplants the fake surrogate comes from that of genuine knowledge. The story of the origin of life on Earth is the backdrop to viewing our own individual lives on Earth, however it came to be. The religous in fact create this apparent purpose to their lives based upon their brand of Bible story. But the stories are made up. It works! Well, until one tries to shore up the facts. This just means that all of us can make up our reality, the meaning in our lives. You can still experience gut wrenching love for your families, beauty in nature, knowledge, all those things and find meaning by how it impacts you. If you stay loyal to scientifically sanctioned (and the only reliable means to declare) knowledge you'll enjoy the creativity of your life's meaning that changes and matures with your own knowledge about reality. READ! Read and invent yourself.



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