I still like the story in the Bible of Christmas, I still love the tree and the angels and the lights and the people and the music.


But I don't believe that there was a Jesus anymore or a God.


I don't want to give up my tradition of attending  the service, but I will break with the silliness of the religion.


I can only give up so much.


I throw out the church newsletters now.



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As weird as it sounds, in a way, I miss Christmas Eve mass. I used to take my sons to the children's mass, which was earlier in the day (rather than midnight mass.....never understood doing that!). The story of the first Christmas was shared with the children who came up to sit at the alter. When I regularly attended an orthodox catholic mass, I really liked the simplicity and 'sameness' of the mass, much more than a roman catholic mass. It is a comforting experience for some. The lights, the trees, the flowers, the music and choir. I don't think there is anything wrong enjoying those aspects. You've already made the wise decision of rational thinking, that is what is important :)
Why not? The beauty of being an Atheist is there no longer exist any guilt.Enjoy your life. Wolfie
The tree, the holly, the eggnog, the misletoe, the virgin birth, ... all these things were taken from other traditions and reapproprated for the christian holiday. Who says we can't do the same? What, only christians are allowed to steal others' traditions as their own? Take the parts you want and make your own tradition/holiday.
This song should resonate with you all: White Wine In the Sun.
I think the decorations are pretty and the songs are lovely - I still enjoy celebrating christmas, I just don't celebrate the nonsense and I focus on giving and celebrating togetherness :) Don't feel bad for enjoying your life
ty everyone and happy holiday.

I celebrate Solstice, now, cause I can at least believe in it. The shorter days, longer days, etc.

On December 21, I am dining on a yacht.


Have a great time at your Solstice celebration, Jencarlene!




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