Here is an article from our local paper.

"Victims of missionary school seek healing through new film
Documentary, which will air in Akron, aims to help the abused move on"

This article exposes just a bit about abuse at a school for missionary children while their parents are deployed.

I survived a place where there was physical, emotional, and mental abuse in the name of God. I know that Nathan Phelps is also a survivor of such brutal treatment.

Wondering what you think of this and if any others have similar stories or can explain ways in which you are healing from religious abuse...

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Yeah I had the full compliment. Abuse, abuse, and more abuse. Beatings to save my soul, terror of hell, etc. I was also sexually abused by a neighbor, who has not a church member. But I think I kept silent for so long due to teachings at home like, "Don't contradict your elders". Blind obedience is blind, so it's not like I was able to discern and say out loud "This adult is seriously f&cked up" at age 8. Medical neglect was also such a huge part of my childhood; I went through so much unnecessary pain.

I've gone to therapy on and off, and am doing EMDR with my therapist now. She's great - specializes in cult survivors and post-traumatic stress disorder. And I write about it, here and in my book. I talk to Nate and others. And I get real uppity when people suggest religious parents are somehow better than atheist parents. REAL uppity.
My mother does this thing where she bemoans the state of child welfare.
"How awful it is that animals rights are ahead of children blah blah blah?" "I just can't believe how some parents are etc."

This is about the time I have to walk away to avoid saying "Yeah, you should have seen my mother!"

We don't spend much time together.




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