How do I stop having hate towards christianity and most christians etc. How do I stop this? I might try to go back to aa again but it didn't work for me because of this higher power nonsense etc. I never could get past the first step two years ago so I stopped going. I have a drinking problem. I want to stop but don't know how?


I have really long hair and when I was drunk I accidently bumped my head I think now a week later their is a bald area on my scalp because my hair is so long and thick I can easily cover it up with my other hair because I have so much of it so people won't notice it but still its emabressing and I'm upset because my hair has always met a lot to me. Unless I accidently burned it in the shower when I was blacked out from the alcohol.



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You may want to look up "Rational Recovery" resources online.
As far as the alcohol goes, try "Rational Recovery". Don't go to the site when you're drunk or using. Go sober. As far as hating christians, take a page out of their book: Don't hate the christian. Hate the religion.
thanks for your help I agree. I apreciate your help and answers. Thanks for everything.




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