Hi - I just wanted to introduce myself as a new member. I am a 32 y/o male and a lucky husband (10 yrs.) and proud father of an 11 mo. old daughter. I was raised in a fundy household with fundy parents who loved to speak in tongues, pray for healing, and dance for joy to the lord! They were also children's pastors who traveled, saving little guilty souls! (They were actually pretty good at it). Praying for healing is something they did a lot...a whole lot, because I have a genetic lung disease called cystic fibrosis. I have spent years of my life in the hospital (I also had cancer when I was a kid) going in for weeks at a time multiple times a year. Too bad the prayers and all the faith never worked. When I was younger I was mad at God, but as I got older I realized there is no god...no god who hates me and is punishing me, no god who will send me to hell for whatever I did to deserve such pain, no god who sends demons to torture me with sickness (this is the foolishness I was taught as a child!). I am MUCH happier now. I never thought I would live so long and have a family, and I enjoy the time I have with them more than anything! My wife's family are also super christian. Even though my life has lost a lot of her faith, she is kinda a diest now and still likes to think that there is a happy afterlife somehow. I can hardly blame her..it is hard to think about losing your spouse and never seeing her again. Religion has not been a huge issue with us, but now that we have a daughter I know it will caome up more - esp. with her super Jesusy grandparents! I am glad to find a group where I can get some advice and friendship over the years!

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Hi Chris - welcome. My wife sounds similar to yours...she has become a Fideist. Shel believes in a god because it makes here feel good. At least she admits it!

it is hard to think about losing your spouse and never seeing her again.

Same Harris said it well 'It is sad that we will die and lose all that we love'. But this is better to me than never having existed at all.

Come back often!
You have a great attitude, Chris. Congratulations on your deconversion and on your happy family life.

Just don't let it develop into something that they're willing to fly planes into buildings over.

Isn't that the truth! All in all my spouse doesn't even think about it very much.
Hey now! Islamic Fundamentalists flying planes into buildings is not all a bad idea. It is a matter of re-directing their energies and focusing them on flying planes into cathedrals, mega churches and stadium type tent revivals.

There is a silver cloud in every lining...laughter


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