Not sure if you would class me as a real ex-fundie LOL.  I spent a few years chatting online to a very fundie person, although even at my height of Christianity they never managed to convert me to creationism, or go to church.  Another thing that got to me was their insistance that females couldn't be leaders or preachers, I could never subscribe to that.

The behaviour of that person changed drastically over a few months to a person I barely recognised as the same person, and it was at that point I realised what a pile of crock Christianity was and how hypocritical Christians actually were.......and breathe, LOL

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LOL, no I was a Christian, just not fundie enough a Christian for them in the end and the way I was treated led to my realising many things about Christianity and ultimately me walking away.

Yep, all those denominations out there, which one was the right one? :D

LOL true :D and none are - fact!!!




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