Isn't it time?
Recycling the Bible book by book.

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That's what I do with the Gideon's bible that I find close to my bed in the hotel rooms each time I have to travel - and I travel a lot! -. Same with the Book of Mormons. I simply pick them up and bring them home where I rip in parts and put with the rest of the papers and cardboard for recycling. Helping to preserve our environment never felt sooooo goooood!
But... doesn't that mean that they'll print more Bibles, and use up more trees?
Ah, literalists! The "shredding" and "recycling" wasn't really presented as literal (though I'm not strictly against that), since I am not a book-banning or book destroying advocate. Having said that, I do urge people to let go of the tight grip on these books that divide the world into Book Believers or those without "God's Word" bound and sold. Way too many resources (from Nature and the natural brain) are used up with endless printing of "the word."
This one is definitely going on facebook so all my Christian friends can see it! ;)
They may also appreciate (or not) "Holy Books" and "Recycle the Bible" on YouTube, by the Nature Chap.




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