Does anyone here attend a UU Church, or have any experience of one?  From what I've researched, it looks quite interesting and inclusive, not shoving their views down your throat, allowed to believe what you think is right etc.

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What is a UU church?

And out of curiosity, how did you come by your username?  I'm asking because the church I "attended" was via CD's. 

Hi Christy. UU stands for Unitarian Universalist in this context.

I attended two UU services. The atmosphere was church-like. We sang lyrics about humanism and environmentalism to the co-opted tunes of old Christian hyms. Those seemed to be the uniting ideologies.

I had a phase after leaving Christian fundamentalism for atheism where I was curious about what other religions were like. My brand of Christianity was almost exclusively about beliefs. I assumed all other religions were big on beliefs too. So for instance when I met Catholics who were selective about what Catholic doctrines they believed, I was surprised.

I noticed that some religions are less defined by beliefs than they are by other things such as rituals, lifestyles, and community. I'd say the UU church I attended fell into that camp.




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