Does anyone here attend a UU Church, or have any experience of one?  From what I've researched, it looks quite interesting and inclusive, not shoving their views down your throat, allowed to believe what you think is right etc.

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What is a UU church?

And out of curiosity, how did you come by your username?  I'm asking because the church I "attended" was via CD's. 

So UU is Unitarian Universalist. Consider it an older and more structured form of the newer Sunday Assembly. There is no dogma though there are principles, but these are largely contingent upon each individual "church" group. The reverends are, so I've found, typically more broadly educated than your usual protestant pastor, coming from all branches of life rather than specifically setting out to be a preacher. The result is a bit of a hit or miss when it comes to presentation, but all around I've never found one who didn't deeply appreciate the group they were helping. 

The values are secular, the music varied and the messages usually focus on some form of humanistic theme and are generally informative rather than simply giving a speech. My one hangup which ultimately made it not possible for me to connect consistently was the underlying message that all religions are essentially saying the same thing and finding that commonality will help us all get along better. I frankly found and still find this to be a denial of the very real differences within religious ideologies and a naive approach to groups who, and I've heard this first-hand, think of the UU as an instrument of satan in need of destruction. 

Still, if you're looking for secular community, it's not a bad place to start and possibly stick with.


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