Last month our speaker, Dan Barker, represented the Freedom from Religion (ffrf) of which Dan and his wife Annie Laure are co presidents.

Six or more of us at LSF are also members of Freedom from Religion Foundation already. ffrf would welcome us as a chapter of their Foundation if we have 10 or more members of ffrf. Annual due are $50 of which $5 is rebated to our group.

LSF can be a chapter of that organization without changing our name or independence. The benefits include their newspaper, Freethought Today, (ten issues per year) a copy of which is at your tables today. Their annual national conventions are in Madison Wisconsin every other year where the headquarters building is located. Alternate conventions are held throughout the nation. ffrf holds frequent student essay contests with cash prizes. We could offer that availability to local students. See the Freethought Today newspaper for examples. ffrf is noted for very active legal work to reverse infringements of church/state separation and has several times been before the US Supreme Court. The pamphlet at your tables tells more. I, Bill van Druten, have been a proud member for about ten years.

We would submit annually a report of activities, income and expenses. Members of LSF who are not dues paying ffrf members are considered ‘friends' or‘guests’of the ffrf chapter but continue as before as full, normal members of LSF. We would get 501(c)3 for tax exemption on our own if desired.

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