How does the Right muster so much rage against the poorest members of our society?

Food Stamp fraud costs the American taxpayer $750 million annually. So far, corporate bailouts have cost taxpayers $4.76 TRILLION.


BTW The maximum tab Americans could pay to help the disadvantaged millionaires and billionaires is 13.87 TRILLION DOLLARS.

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I agree completely.

Here is another question I have. Considering how closely the Right holds the 10 Commandments (I mean, they want them posted on every government building in the country), and one of these comandments addresses honesty (the 7th or 8th - I think), how can they be so completely comfortable with the out right lies from thier leaders?

I do believe thier "holy" Bible talks a great deal about feeding the poor. I still don't get how they can be so against food stamps when the lengths thier own "Savior" talks about the rich and the need to feed the poor and hungary.

It is mind boggling. Just demonstrates that humans are masters of self-deception. I actually did the research myself on this one in response to my cousin's ongoing rants against the poor. I think I may dig a little deeper and see which is a greater overall drain on the middle class: the very poor or the very rich?

I agree, Troy.  And when you DO have churches who are serious about taking care of the poor, they often won't let them eat until they've sat through a sermon and/or gone through the motions (at least) of accepting Christ as their savior.  As an atheist, I find that problematic.  Charity and kindness shouldn't have strings attached to them, in my opinion.

Because they have a get-out-of-hell free card, of course.  You can commit outright genocide, and God will let you into heaven as long as you say the magic words and believe in the correct religion.  Christians aren't better than others, just forgiven, donchaknow?  Except when we're talking about morality, and then the goalposts shift yet again.

There is so very much written on why the poor and the lower classes hold political opinions or vote against their own self interest, but the problem is the poor and the lower working class are for the most part not reading that material. They are easily, and understandably, entertained with distraction. - Gary

Yep, it is all about misdirection. Keep em riled up about gays, immigrants, minorities. Apparently, folks are more attached to their own prejudices than their own families! Its really crazy

Many of us are not "easily, and understandably, entertained with distraction."  Many of us are working too many hours at dead-end and/or underpaid jobs that leave little time to cruise the Internet looking for information and truth.  We don't have the time or energy when our days are focused and working and caring for our children.  We are occupied with worrying about how we're going to pay our rent or feed our kids.  We're busy worrying about how we're going to afford to buy our kids the boots and coats they'll need for the coming winter.  I know there are poor and working poor out there who are uninformed, but I'd posit that for most of them, they simply don't have the time or energy to do more than keep on keeping on.  And I'm one of the lucky ones who has a parent who has actually bought my kids their winter gear and safe tires for my car when I haven't been able to afford those things myself...many more poor and working poor don't have family who can or will help them (gotta let them pull themselves up by their own bootstraps, don't you know?).

"Apparently, folks are more attached to their own prejudices than their own families!"  I am far more attached to keeping my kids fed, clothed, and sheltered than my own prejudices.  If you would like to talk about prejudices, please read the link I shared below.  It's enlightening, and that author is far more eloquent than I am at expressing what I'm thinking.

My brother once said "I wish I could keep up to date on this stuff too, and get active, but I don't have  time".  I told him all he has to do is cruise the internet once or twice or every now and again, find the organizations that are doing things important to you, and sign up for their email lists.  They'll send the news straight to you, and even some petitions (and don't tell me they don't work--one petition actually got the Governor of Ohio to stay an execution of a man against whom there was little to no evidence of guilt, and change the sentence to life instead, and if someone's overworked that may be the best they can do to get their voice out).

I can check my mail every day and spend fifteen minutes or less getting at least somewhat informed and in some cases getting my voice out there in some form, no matter how crazy my schedule is.

What pisses me off is the overworked and underpaid people who manage to have an opinion without bothering to get the facts, just believing whatever their corporate lord tells them.  My sister was like that at one point, overworked, underpaid, and getting all her "facts" from Wal-mart central.  The right wing makes sure people are overworked and underpaid, and then makes sure that their voice is the loudest and the only one those overworked and underpaid people can hear, because they know those people don't have time to get carefully acquainted with the facts.  And add in some bigotry, racism, sexism, mindless militarist patriotism, and other emotionalist rhetoric and you can get them to make a knee-jerk commitment to a position--and once you get them to do that, it's hard as hell to get them to admit they made a mistake.  We finally convinced my sister that Walmart central is lying to her (and even then she refuses to vote, because she knows the right wing is wrong, but to vote on the left would be like admitting she had been wrong and that ain't gonna happen), but too many other overworked underpaid victims of the right-wingers have fallen to this strategy and are ready to kill us for disagreeing with them, even as their right wing views are starving their children and even as we demonstrate why this is so.  The right wing has ensured that too many people will be too overworked, underpaid, and tired to find the truth, and then they just shout their propaganda as loud as their obscene wealth will let them, right over the truths spoken by the liberals, to give those people the illusion that they are making an informed vote, because they know those people won't have the energy to learn the facts.

If you don't have enough information, or enough time to get information, then why have such a strong opinion on the subject?  When I don't have enough information on a subject, regardless of why, my opinion is usually tentative and I won't push it in any way.  And why cast your vote on such important matters if you don't have any information?  And again, if you don't have the time or energy, being overworked and underpaid, to be or stay informed, why get infuriated when someone contradicts the right-wing rhetoric that has seeped into your subconscious?

Okay, I understand that not ever overworked and underpaid person is like that.  But so many are that it's incredible to me.

Bread and circuses, minus the bread.

Well, "dangerous" scapegoats have always been a means of rallying the troops around a particular cause.  This is how Hitler was able to support his ambition to conquer the world by scapegoating Jews and disabled persons.  The religious right is all in favor of "charity begins at home" (meaning a church soup kitchen complete with religious indoctrination) but not at the "big government" level.  No matter that you have children going to bed hungry and senior citizens eating dog food, there might be one in a million lazy, good for nothing, free loaders receiving some small government handout.  And as stated above, we are not talking large amounts here as compared to corporate handouts.  And never mind that these poorest members of our society vote a Democrat ticket because they are so demeaned by the conservative party.  "They are voting for a free handout."  Of course, this backfired on Romney when he upped the number to 47% of the US voters.  This hit a little close to home.




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