Dear Comrades..

As we are barely living these hard and dark days of capitalistic domination a spark of hope is glowing up there at the top of the capitalistic castle "Wall street". Despite that I'm Iraqi and the struggle against the dominion of capitalism and theocracy in my country is a priority to me, but the international fight vs capitalism and autocracy must parallel the local struggle.I was very enthusiastic when I saw this channel "Occupy TVYN" on the youtube. I wanna hear your opinions and suggestions for the next phase of the international struggle. 

Thanks Comrades..    

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Red Salute Comrade,

I am sad to inform you that there is a ton of misinformation floating about regarding the Okkupy movement. This is not a revolutionary movement in any sense, it has far more akin to fascism than to anything revolutionary. Almost the entire population in Amerika is in the top 20% of the world in terms of wealth and these are people who are fighting to get even more for themselves. My efforts to make the daily struggles of third-world peoples known to my local Okkupy event was met with ridicule, me being called “crazy”, and a call for people to “just concentrate on Amerikans”.

Our comrades at Okkupy Ottawa (in Canada) have been violently attacked by camp leadership for their beliefs. Everywhere comrades are being censored and accused of “trying to hijack the movement” for simply trying to throw our ideas on the pile.

^^From the comrades who were violently attacked. Note that these comrades are first-worldists, they believe that revolution is possible in the first-world, which is nonsense, but still they should have every right to speak their minds without being attacked. There is no base for revolution in the first world where there exists a labor aristocracy. 

The Okkupy movement is openly racist. Even when it has been brought to their attention, they persist in their racist ways. The indigenous peoples of this country, who have also been the victims of genocide, have been very vocal about how they are offended that these people would consider themselves “occupiers” on land that they’ve been trying to tell people has been occupied for centuries, their message is completely ignored except by (De)Occupy New Mexico (a place with a very high indigenous population) and the offensive colonialist language is permitted. Imagine a century or so from now, how offended the Iraqi people would be if a group of White people gathered and proudly proclaimed themselves occupiers in Iraq! Well these racists here don’t care, they believe that genocide is a legitimate method of obtaining a homeland for themselves.

This racist movement calls on people to show solidarity to police and military! This is no less racist to conscious non-White people as it would be to call on Black people to show solidarity to the KKK. Third-world peoples should not support a movement that calls on people to show solidarity to U$ military. Their call for solidarity is a spit in the face to all third-world peoples. Anger towards the police and military at these okkupy events will instantly get you labeled as an "agent provocateur" out to destroy their movement.

As for what the next step should be? Build a revolutionary movement. There is absolutely no hope of revolution in Amerika. The people here have grown accustomed to Amerikan lifestyles made possible by genocide, chattel slavery, and the continuing rape and plunder of the third-world, lifestyles that are destroying our planet and that will never be given up peacefully. When you hear of a movement being reported about saying that Amerikans are in the streets demanding that they have less and want to give back the wealth they’ve stolen from the third-world, then that’s something to be excited about, but of course that will never happen. We must look to the third-world to rise up and defeat Amerikan imperialism, to cut off the Amerikan lifestyles at their roots which lie in the exploitation and oppression of third-world peoples. We must build upon the glorious struggles being waged against Amerikan imperialism and their allies throughout the third-world. We must establish a base area in which to begin a new stage of global communist revolution. Specific to Iraq, the Iraqi people who have waged a glorious struggle against U$ imperialism must be sure that Amerika does not win, they must not allow Amerika to prop up their puppet regimes and to influence the future of Iraq. U$ interest$ in Iraq must be defeated and the Iraqi people need to take full control of their own resources.

Well while I think there are some merits to what Sendero has to say, he is far too radical for my tastes and his use of the letter "K" is just freakin annoying. I guess that makes me a fascist! Lol

Anyways, I'm glad to see a post like this from an Iraqi. There is a wide gulf between Americans, even those of us on the left, and the rest of the world. I think about global problems alot, but probably not as much as I think about American problems. Things do look pretty bleak here. The OWS movement is very encouraging, it at least lets the world know that there are those of us here who are not capitalists first and people second. If nothing else, tell people around the world that there are different types of Americans, those who cannot see beyond their own freshly-mowed lawn and white picket fences and those of us who actually care about the problems of humanity and want to do something about it. Obama was a huge letdown, and anticipating that OWS will be as well, don't expect much help from Americans in battling capitalism. It would seem, from my perspective anyway, that the rest of the world has uniting against America, and other large and wealthy world powers, in their interest. It's sad, but as I see it, we all need each other now more than ever, and now more than ever we are divided and looking to stay that way.




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