Conservative double-standards, hypocrisy and sense of entitlement!

Rick Perry ‘retires’ to collect state pension while still governor


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"Texas Governor and current Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry appears to have pulled something of a fast one on his state’s taxpayers by officially “retiring” earlier this year so that he could begin collecting an annual pension of $92,376 at the same time as he continues to draw his $150,000 a year salary as governor."

"The payments certainly appear to be legal but could prove embarrassing for the governor, who has complained about entitlement programs and has proposed a partial privatization of Social Security as part of his presidential campaign."

Those politicians speak out of both sides of their mouths -- so to speak. Perry is only interested in how much he can get for himself -- forget about us. I think most politicians are shady characters myself. Perry is a big joke!

that man is a fraud waste of time and traitor to children




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