Check out this great video on the subject.

Drug testing is oppressive, unconstitutional, and stupid. The corporate state is telling us that it controls our lives and if we don't like it we don't work. We can starve.

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Thank the "War on Drugs"
I was amazed when I last visited my GF in Colorado and we were talking about the drug testing that goes on there just to say get a job at a fast food joint. Its over the top crazy stupid, and yet in some businesses getting completely hammered (drunk) at lunch is completely acceptable and ignored.

Its just stupid.
When are these bureaucrat bastards going to realize that the War on Drugs is unwinnable. They don't care because they are making money. Cops, judges, lawyers, bankers, pols are all in the take. The government feels justified spending a little more than the public spends on drugs. Billions. Where does it go and what do they get out of it?
Did you catch the video? You must have loved it. Maron is spot on. Let's you see how weird the system is.
Actually I can't get the link to work to see the video. You might want to check your url link code on that post.

Oh btw this is simply a Graphic designer pet peeve, all caps for titles is actually harder to read at a glance, plus it looks like your shouting lol.
Thanks for the info. I fixed the link. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Also, sorry about the shouting, but I thought it was permissible for headings, but apparently not. No mas.
Oh don't be sorry, its completely permissible, its the interwebz you can do what you want. I just know in "Internet" slang and chat channels it is generally considered to be the equivalent of shouting, however nothing says that you can't use them.

Like I said its my pet peeve, being a graphic designer and a typographer in particular, a lot of things annoy me about how horrible type is displayed and treated on the web. I blame those darn MS web editors that came out of the nineties, seriously I would like to have a word with the person who came up with the < Blink > tag.
On caps.... yeah from a designer point of view they can be ugly, but I was suprised to find out last year in my "effective business communications" class that ALL CAPS in subjects are now encouraged... yep you heard it... encouraged because they can make YOUR title stand out from others... It's a dog eat dog world, and standing out is OH so important, even to graphic designers :) That is until everyone uses ALL CAPS in their subject line, then I guess using only small letters will make us stand out. Ah what the hell, in the old days of scribes each word started with a capital letter, boy things sure do change :)
Your right. I think that Self Employment is our best chance at thumbing our noses at these Body Nazis !!!
I despise drug testing for employment. So far I've steered clear. Once, in the early '90s I was having a physical to work in a lab, and the outpatient clinic then stated I had to pee for a drug screen. I said I was not told it would be part of the physical and started to walk out, letting them know I did not believe in that type of privacy invasion. They asked me to stay a minute, made a call, and said they didn't have to do that in the physical. This clinic was simply testing as a matter of course, it was never requested by the lab. I got the job.
Now I am not willing to be tested, although I'd most likely pass. The way I do this is to work for small companies and work for myself.
I believe even if they end the "war on drugs", insurance companies will still insist on testing.
Ha! Good video. I don't know how anyone who works a McJob could do it straight! Here in Canada, not only is drug testing against our bill of rights, there are legal presidents against it, but, particularly in oil patch work, it is toothless. Get a test , and pass, or don't work. I'm told that coke, crack and meth go through you body fast enough to beat the test, but because THC is fat soluble, it takes a week or more to test clean for pot. Most of the time, it isn't even the company you work for that wants the testing, but rather the oil company that hires the sub-contractor, that requires the testing. Some times it can be rather idiotic. For instance, in my village there is a small company that distributes drill bits for oil rigs. About 6 months ago, they got a contract to provide bits for an oil company that requires all sub-contractors to do drug testing, yet the the guys who deliver the bits are only on lease for no more than 15 minutes! How fucking stupid is that! And to top it off, 'rig pigs' on both drilling rigs and service rigs are known for heavy drinking, and so are usually hung over at the start of their shift!
There are ways around it though. I personally know of people who were required to do drug tests, and passed while stoned! Fake piss, with fake dicks work most of the time, depending on how thorough the test is, as does some of the cleansing drinks. The only problem with these cheats is if the test is annualized, or just a 'pass/fail' test. If annualized, and the piss is too clean, then it is a considered a 'fail', as things like caffeine from coffee doesn't show up. All of this tends to originate from insurance companies, who require testing for companies to get the coverage they require. Safety requirements have gotten so stupid that some oil companies even tell their employees, in their safety orientation, that they aren't allowed to bring bombs or guns to oil rigs! I mean, if you have to tell your workers that they can't bring a bomb or gun to work, who the fuck is hiring someone so dumb?! I've never heard of any bombs on lease, but I do know of some engineers and tool-pushes doing target practise off lease!
Speaking of fake dicks, when I was a teenager a friend of mine liked to go to Yankee Stadium and use a fake dick filled with water and coca-cola. He stood at the urinal with his ersatz toy protruding through the zipper. When he finished voiding the plastic tube, he's step back, take it out of his pants, smile mischievously, and proceed to wipe it with the frilly French handkerchief in front of his nose. It was fun to watch the faces of the seventh-inning stretchers as they observed this strange toileting practice.

What an invasion into one’s body. Suppose I try to get a job at a bank, and some elderly limp dick bureaucrat says he wants to inspect my urine. “You pervert bastard, what the hell is the matter with ya.”

How about this: grass is part of my religion so how about doing a Holy Eucharist test on Catholics that apply for jobs. I know, it would be hard to distinguish Jesus Christ from other food remnants in the stool, but fuck, what’s good for the goose. Isn’t the Mystery of Transubstantiation as weird and strange as smoking some herb to get a nice buzz




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