Check out this great video on the subject.

Drug testing is oppressive, unconstitutional, and stupid. The corporate state is telling us that it controls our lives and if we don't like it we don't work. We can starve.

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"Speaking of fake dicks"
LOL! That has to be one of the best opening lines I've ever heard!
How could somebody NOT read on?
This is one of the major reasons why I absolutely detest this country.

I lost all respect for the United States of America once as soon as I could think critically. This country does so much messed up stuff. They use the constitution against so many of their citizens in court quite often, only to completely break it in half when they have to get something done for the corporate world.

In my opinion, this country went to shit over 100 years ago when the industrial revolution took place.
As a Canadian who's considered a threat the the US, because of what I did in Nicaragua, and demonstrations against US foreign policy (I once ripped the side trim off of a limo because Henry Kissinger was inside, and demonstrated with Kurdish people against the US's help to Saddam Hussein, which caused their gassing), I find it helps me to listen to all of you good Americans. All of you Yanks on this is are of the finest kind.
You better look out they don’t throw you in Gitmo for tweaking the mustache of our political leaders. Tearing the trimming off Kissinger’s limo, indeed. Suppose it was Dick Cheney’s car, you would have been blown away by a missile launching drone.

Bravo for your compassion toward the Kurds. An ancient people that go back before the time of Christ. That gassing was one of the worst atrocities in human history and nobody even mentions it anymore. One of the tabloids here in Florida says, BUST CONSIDERS SUICIDE. No wonder, with the deaths of perhaps 800,000 on his conscience in an illegal and unnecessary war. Are you going to feel sorry for him when he does it? Over a million Iraqis homeless.

One of the themes of Mirror Reversal is that one you can’t stereotype people. You’re probably a much different person than you were twenty years ago. So you can’t even make generalizations about yourself. There’s a lot of intelligent Americans.

We just need reform and try to get our humanity back. Ivy league universities are teaching students to be greedy motherfuckers.

Are you into Noam Chomsky? He calls himself a dissident anti-imperialist. Right on.
I've read Chomsky, good stuff. The demo's with the Kurds were in the late 1980's, and the incident with Kissinger's limo was in the early 80's. The biggest problem with Canada's medical system comes from the majority of new doctors getting into medicine to get rich, not to help people. A rather sad comment about the human apes.
and then they leave for the USA, which leaves Canada importing religious zealout doctors from frikin' Egypt!
After 10 years living in Florida, and having lived in Quebec, Ontario, BC and Yukon, I can confidently say that police officers are way more visible in Canada. I think what happens is that as a white female, I'm on the bottom of the profiling list in the USA, whereas in Canada I'm equal to everyone else. I'm generally a law abiding citizen and dress fairly conservatively, yet police are constantly on my case. This never happened in the USA. I think in the USA cops are busy chasing around criminals whereas in Canada police are lazier and focus on easy victims and, fine garnering work performance!
There are so many things that corporate America gets away with because it's "optional" to work at their corporation. Everyone knows that having a job is one of the most non-optional things a person ever has to do in their life!

All drug testing really does is detect which of your employees use marijuana when they're not at work. (I've heard of people switching from marijuana to harder drugs to avoid failing a test!) Actually, employers are not too thrilled about drug testing anymore; the percentage who think they're living up to their claims are in the single digits. I've been unemployed for over a year so I don't know how many still drug test, but I think employers are moving toward other measures to invade their prospective employees' privacy, like background checks (what if someone wants to move on from their past?) credit checks (maybe they're trying to get out of debt by getting a job!) or snooping in on people's internet activity.
Here, in Alberta, Canada's oil fields, most of the drug testing originates from the insurance industries control over the oil industry. Very few companies don't do testing because of the certification that they need to do their work. Many companies don't want to do the testing, but they have no choice. In the area I work in, trucking drilling mud/chemicals and moving oil rigs, we have the added problem of it being illegal to smoke tobacco in our trucks (as it is illegal to smoke in any work place in Alberta, and our trucks are our work place. This includes owner/operators, and means that my boss can't smoke in his pick-up because it's commercially registered with yearly safety certification.)!
That is such an odd dichotomy in the construction industry. I spent the Summer working on a large construction project with all the heavy equipment used in Alberta's Tar Sands and even tho the "rules" said "no smoking in vehicles" 95% of operators DID smoke nicotine in their vehicles. On top of that, after conversing with a couple of weed smoking dozer operators, I find that smoking weed on the job was common!!!!! I could not believe my ears!
Which is the very reason I don't use my real name in forums... I completely disagree with the direction society is taking regarding privacy. And it's not only in terms of present law-abiding, but since so often new rules are brought in with retroactivity, so that one may have broken laws that do not yet exist!




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