Check out this great video on the subject.

Drug testing is oppressive, unconstitutional, and stupid. The corporate state is telling us that it controls our lives and if we don't like it we don't work. We can starve.

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The thing too about all these invasions of privacy, like drug tests, monitoring off the job internet activity, and (the latest one I heard about) hiring detectives to make sure a person is really sick when they call in sick...I imagine these all cost more money than they save!

I just got drug tested. It was a saliva test. Here I was sitting with another prospective employee, we were taking these tests, and I was sweating b/c I was scared they'd reveal the results in front of everyone and I'd fail. Then I went home and looked up "drug saliva test" and learned that it only detects drug use in the past 2 or 3 days. So, if you have to get tested, spit test is the way to go!
As far as I understand it, it is no longer the company that you work for that actually wants the test. It has to do with insurance. It is essentially an out for compensation if they can show an employee had drugs in their system. Without a drug testing policy in place the cost of workers compensation insurance can be almost 50% higher. It is cheaper for a business to drug test than to pay the premiums.
I've even read that some employers help their employees cheat b/c they don't want to lose their best employees. My friend's school has a "random" saliva test that's always on a Thursday if it happens...that way weekend smoking would be out of the system by then.
depends on how heavy the machinery is...
and the 'amount' in you system imho
The documentary I just watched, The Union, makes a very interesting point regarding drug testing. 90% of blood test results which come back positive are positive for marijuana. The point is made that most hard drugs are out of the blood system within days, whereas marijuana remains in the blood for nearly a month.

In essence, blood testing only really works against marijuana, hence having a complete reverse effect to its desired effect, that is encouraging people to use harder drugs in order to get a high without being detectable!
That's just part of it, Jay. My apologies for not being more active on this tread.

Businesspersons are getting "hammered" while pot smokers are getting persecuted. Here's the insult to injury. In this podcast, Dr. Grinspoon of Harvard states emphatically that nobody ever got lung cancer from smoking weed. In fact, grass does absolutely no damage to any organ of the body. Even if you overdose you just pass out and don't even have a hangover in the morning.

Booze and cigs, which are perfectly legal, cause damage to the lungs, liver, kidneys, heart, pancreas (pancreatic cancer is certain quick death) teeth (tobacco) and skin (cigs). What the fuck else is there? lol.

In spite of this, drug testing goes on as if we're the criminals.

Here's the podcast if you'd care to listen to it. I impresarioed I'm proud to say.


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