Hey everybody, I got into a heated argument with a so-called "therapist" or mental health expert. (She's in a humanist group I belong to, not that I need a therapist.) She said that mj was physically addictive. I jumped on this unfounded assertion. Perhaps there is some psychological possibility (anything can be psychologically addictive, video games, cigs, TV, anything) but definitively not physically—there’s no nausea or DTs.

To support her argument she emailed me an article by doctors at UW-Madison. Please click here for my rebuttal which I posted here on A/N.

I'd love to hear some opinions on this. I believe you'll find the article educational and informative, if your into grass.

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Rick, I have to add a point about the chromium, nickel, arsenic and selenium and other chemicals in pot. There is nothing that we eat that doesn't have some level of chemicals like this, for instance, it is well documented that wild fish have varying levels of mercury and other heavy metals, and farmed fish are particularly high in arsenic. And then there is all of the chemicals that are present in food/drink products packaged in plastic.
My point is that our world is full of chemicals. Our bodies, and the other animals on our little blue ball, make/store many different chemicals; We are chemical factories. Hell, my grey hair is caused by the retention of hydrogen Peroxide in the hair follicles, thus bleaching the hair. Any time you burn any organic mater, you release a multitude of chemicals, some that were in the mater and some that are created by the reaction to the heat. It is not enough to point out these chemicals presence without comparing them to other more common substances that they are also in. Listing the chemical in the stated context is scare mongering, and not good science. Just because a chemical is present in something does not make it any more harmful that anything else we are exposed to in nature.
Good point, Mac. I hope Razor reads this. Three of the four are on my Multi-Vitamin label. The arsenic through me off though.

Consider this one:

"Tobacco from manufacturers has been enhanced and cleaned whereas cannabis is relatively unprocessed and therefore is a much dirtier product.”

I could take the safest, healthiest food and maltreat it, (like peanut butter last year) and we have a health problem.

This is a beauty:

Evidence shows [health factors] it is multiplied when it is cannabis compared to tobacco

Where’s the evidence? What am I supposed to be humble and sheepish enough of their medical degrees that I believe anything they say?

This one is from the other listed studies:

Cannabis users are 40% more likely than non-users to suffer a psychotic illness such as schizophrenia, say UK experts.

First of all, people who never smoked grass tend to be law abiding, family oriented, straight and narrow types. Smokers tend to be rebellious (they flout the law by smoking), independent minded and a “bunch of freaks” in Hippie talk. Of course the latter group is going to be more prone to have mental problems. Like my friends liked to say in the ‘60s, “who the hell can take this society straight?”.

Legitimate researchers should try this: take 1000 subjects, give 500 at random good smoke, and use the other 500 as the control group. After ten years, compare the psychotics in both groups. But even the then, the mj group is at a disadvantage because grass is illegal and they are therefore criminals. Criminals will tend to have higher percentages, grass or not.
Check out the governement charts on deaths caused by mj compared to legal drugs. Unbelievable. Over 8,000 deaths linked to Ritalin and other popular drugs—even Viagra.

It's in the tables at the bottom.



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