Okay, this one is going to be rough so I can use some help breaking it down.

So a friend of mine posted this link http://www.phoenixtearsmovie.com/ and was so excited about the claims made in it. Pretty much its a hour long film with tons-o-propaganda in it. I am only 20 minutes into it, but I want to make do break down of it and I quickly realized that I am not going to be able to refute it all. So if some of you folks have a bit of time I would like to make a youtube video breaking this film down piece by piece.

I haven't seen it all, but a little more than a half hour after my post I should be done watching it. Forgive me for needing a break from it, and I quickly made this post since I think I am in over my head on this film.

I want this to be a thorough break down of the film and cause people to think critically about future shows they might see that are like this. 5-10% truth and the rest is bullshit. The film starts just after a minute and its those first few lines of text that raised the red flags for me.

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OK, so I watched the entire film. What do you disagree with and why?
There are some passionate debunkers of other people's ideas here. I don't have the time to join them. I do what works for me, within the laws and what does not I leave alone.
Sorrry, my internet connection sucks so I wasn't able to get online for a while. Anywho, I disagree with most of this video. From the 'evil' personal profits, to not being able to patent a plant, to all the things that weed cures. Like Cancer, diabetes, and the claim "what can THC not cure". I will give him credit to some sorta of pain relief, and I have terrible anxiety so yeah, smoking a bit of weed chills me out. He talks about how the cure for all these problems can be solved with just weed.

I made it 13 minutes in with my video responses, then I needed to take a break since I was so pissed watching it. Reminds me of watching expelled. I think I should be good with the refutes. However, I am ignorant to diabetes and how long someone can go without insulin. I am sure some can go without more than others, like a person not knowing they have it and living like life as usual. Can't someone go blind from no treatment for this.

So yeah, I should be good with most of this film except for diabetes. If someone knew more about it then I did, like the problems on how someone can go without treatment.

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