Poppies are allowed to grow wild and UNcultivated, but Cannabis is burned on sight by U.S. Law Enforcement !

Somebody tell me honestly, how can this continue??!!

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Very little of this makes sense. Tobacco causes millions of deaths over the decades is legal, but smoking grass, which is benign, instead is not. The fact is the corporate state doesn’t like grass because it’s bad for business.

I didn’t know poppies were legal to grow. Thanks for the info. Perhaps it is because fabricating heavy drugs is a complex process, beyond the means of the average joe.

Here’s a fun metaphor I just heard. Governments treat their citizens like chicken farmers treat their flocks. Poor chickens can’t complain, “Hey, this is unreasonable.”
Ha! Good metaphor Rich, but here in Alberta, where the same group of right wing conservatives have ruled since 1935, I like my father's metaphor of "Fucking sheep".
Yes, they can. Haven't you heard them go "Cluck, cluck"?
There is only a certain short time that you can cut poppy seed pods so that the opium laced latex can ooze out, dry a bit, and be collected. To get an oz of opium, you a lot of poppies. Here in Canada, if the cops don't like you, If you try to fill you backyard with growing poppies or if they have reason to suspect that you are harvesting the opium from the poppies, they will bust you.
I've had some poppy seeds -- the "good" kind -- for months now, but I am afraid to plant them.
Opium poppies are a different variety to the common or garden variety.
How do you know? ;-)
ah ha well...........
actually I have seen opium poppies growing in Turkey, they are distinctly blue, normal poppies do produce very very small amounts of opium.
Actually, Papaver somniferum comes in many different colours and with differing amounts of opium. I once knew an older couple, who lived in North Vancouver, BC, Canada, who grew the variety Laciniatum (also called Papaver laciniatum), which looked like large pink Carnations. The wife told me that they were opium poppies, and that she would make tea from them for her husband, to help control his chronic pain problems and his Alzheimer's (his health problems being the result of many beatings by cop while on strike lines). I tried some and, while not quite like a shot of morphine, it was very trippe.
I remain convinced that the most lethal thing about tobbacco is the way different stregnths of cigarette are sold as though it is a product of some homoginaity when nothing is further from the truth. The smokers who roll their own out of a common pouch at least have that going for them!
The only thing we can to do get weed legalized, is start an anti-anti marijuana campaign and ENCOURAGE rather than DISCOURAGE the usage of marijuana.

Then show up and tell the government that if they are going to arrest folks for using it, then they might as well arrest all of us.

Actually... they might do just that...

But hey, it's worth a try.

Besides, I know I'm not the only one that is annoyed when a new bulls*** "above the influence" commercials pops up on TV.
Tv, their neurolinguistic programming machine hasn't been turned on in my home since 9-11. I watch the web & youtube.


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