Poppies are allowed to grow wild and UNcultivated, but Cannabis is burned on sight by U.S. Law Enforcement !

Somebody tell me honestly, how can this continue??!!

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Those commercials are so ridiculous. In particular I remember the one that shows someone throwing away their guitar. Have these people ever even known anyone who smoked pot? That's usually the time people get out the guitar and start jamming! Oh what * terrible * things people do when they smoke pot--like talk and laugh and play music!
It's all propaganda. It's not really suppose to make any sense, just scare the ignorant and push the puritan "pleasure is sin" agenda. It's like studies that the prohibitionists promote, that claim to show that pot smoking causes psychological problems, like schizophrenia. More complete studies show that the psychological problems are pre-existing conditions, and then to be rather rare - http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/10/091022101538.htm .
Well, I am all for ending corruption in government.
Whether it can be done with a nation of completely sober citizens is an unproven ideal that can never exist. There are plenty of ethical stoner citizens, and many more unethical "sober" citizens.
Unless you can blame the unratified 16th amendment on drunks and stoners, i'll have to look elsewhere for the cause of our confused economy.
It makes me sad that an innocent plant is persecuted in this way. There's more to a plant than just what humans do to it. I suppose law enforcement would like to make it go extinct just b/c some people like to smoke it? Good thing it's harder to wipe out plants...
I've got poppies growing all over my property - although they are given a different species designation they are the same as the opium poppy. If you don't think they are - try growing a 1/4 acre or so and see how long it takes Uncle Sam's heavies to show up.
What is "irriant" wheat??
"Irritant" is an adjective applied to the noun wheat, when it causes irritation during digestion. This condition runs in families and is related to particular blood group reactions to wheat. See The Complete Blood Type Encyclopedia by Peter J. D'Adamo N.D. for more information.
Yeah, different species, nice! Cultivation is against the law for these plants. Grow as much of the irritant wheat as you want, for food though!




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