unfortunately, I'm allergic to it.  Weirdest reason around, to quit.  The only psychoactive drug I use right now, is caffeine.  I suppose I could grow a psychedelic cactus and ask it to donate an arm now and then to the pursuit of enlightenment or at least adding color to the world. 

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What a revolting development that is.  Is it just the smoking or are you allergic to all forms - ingestion, vapor?

I probably have celiac disease, and (probably as a result of celiac disease), almost everything I used to eat in any quantity (which includes marijuana :) makes me sick.  Except for lettuce, vanilla, radishes and mint. 

I ate some hemp seeds I got at the health food store, to find out.  So I don't know if the smoke would make me sick.  But, if I completely avoid a food that makes me sick, the allergy will eventually go away , so that's what I'm doing. 

synthetic THC would be ok :), it's the protein that causes the immune reaction. 

For 25 years I would go on a marijuana vacation every couple weeks or so & I wrote good poetry stoned and generally sank into myself and got out of the harsh quotidian. 

I tried kava but that also made me sick, it's related to pepper. 




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