Sow all seeds saved up over the past year on 4/20/11 in woods and areas that won't be mowed. If everyone followed up on this, the debate could come to an end in a single growing season.

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Been there,done that..All that happened was a lot of areas got mowed for the first time in history.

The local authorities were not impressed when the local courthouse and police station were over-run with pot.(There was actually a seedling that survived for a couple of weeks in the courthouse garden.It made it to about 18 inches high before it became too obvious and it disappeared.)The laughter of passer-byes in the know probably gave the game away..I know I giggled every time I looked at it...

They really made a mess of the local parks and gardens trying to get rid of my babies.

The only upside was that the cops were so busy pulling up seedlings everywhere around town that no-one got busted for about 3 weeks..

I've also heard that a lot of animals like to eat the cannibus plant. That doesn't strike me as a bad thing, however.


Of course, I wouldn't put it past the government to poison the plants, whether it kills animals or not,  just to act like they're putting on a drug war. They did it with other plants...

LOL, really? Remember to put the fake flowers on em'! And sure, animals don't like constipation. And what better way to stay cool in the heat of summertime. Tiz all metabolism-connected, diet, exercise (for more intense feelings!) hydrate, hydrate and...l8rfolks!
I would totally participate in this, if only I had any seeds.
A couple of friends and I planted a bunch of seeds in a state park.  However, we were stoned at the time and forgot where we planted the fucking things.
You have seeds in your weed?  I haven't seen that in a long time.  But I'm in Oregon, we don't have a lot of Mexiweed.
O man no you don't! I spent one glorious week in Eugene, and smoked some of the best stuff it has ever been my pleasure to get a hold of. Black Beauty and, probably my all-time fav, White Rabbit. Been dreaming about Oregon ever since.
I'm in BC, and I would very much like to know where to get some good seeds. I guess I just need to go to the to bad hempology 101 was canceled this year at VIU :( next year I hope.




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