Not only do we engage in stupid wars without end abroad, killing thousands of American's armed forces, we also wage a stupid war without end at home. The domestic “War on Drugs” has lead to the unnecessary death of law enforcers and thousands of civilians here and in other countries with results as successful as is the Iraq / Afghanistan wars.
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) represents police, prosecutors, judges, prison warders, federal agents and others who want to legalize and regulate drugs after fighting on the front lines of the "war on drugs" and learning firsthand that prohibition only serves to worsen addiction and violence.

 Peace Officers Memorial Day is this week, and some cops are saying we need to legalize drugs to stop police from dying in the failed "Drug War."Too many law enforcers are killed in the line of duty enforcing a senseless and unwinnable War On Drugs, according to LEAP which is calling for the legalization and regulation of all drugs.

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It says exacly the oppsite of what you said.  it acutally said a moderate amount of drinking might acutally be good for a young persons brain.  It also said the cause of all this binge drinking that acutally does cause brain damage is the binge drinking culture created by the drinking age.



Why does this stuff matter?


prohibition caueses a culture that when medical or crimes become a problmen no one wants to call the authorites becauses everyone breaking the law by drinking. So the drinking age is causing other serous problems. Causing more death in other ways.   You don't care about that?

What is your reason for being pissed off? Because you're under 21 and can't get drunk at a bar? You're also saying statistics are stupid only when they don't suit you.


I would be for lowering the drinking age, and also for having a legal age for marijuana. Letting people do anything at any age is different. The intoxicant laws for minors are no different from many other laws regarding minors that haven't reached legal age of consent.

You would have a point of 18 year olds were considered minors. 18 year olds are adults.


Statistics are stupid when they are infringing. Even the statstics don't jusfity the drinkign age because more people die from private alcohol abuse after the drinkign age was imposed  and scientifically drinkg a modrate amount of alcohol doesn't hurt a young persons brain but the binge drinking culture created out of this does.

Thanks for playing Ryan - now I'm off to have a beer but will probably smoke a bowl first.

Peace and health

Old Smiley Guy ( i actually kind of like that) 

I can have a beer too if I want to but its tacially ilelgal becuse pricks likes like you tell me what to diwth my body. Its taically illegal for you to smoke a bowl because other pricks tell you what to do.  It would be better if the government left us alone?
You know another bullshit thing started by ronald reagan? The drinking age.  Jim, I went to your link and found a link called "write to your representatives."  It's about the Bill "Ending Federal Prohibition of Marijuana Act of 2011."  You just enter your zip code and there's a letter there for your Representatives and Senators. 


Thanks for bringing this to my attention.  I didn't know there was a Bill, and I usually keep up on these things.



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