..bigpharm.. corporations.. fear mongers of folks that had bad trips in the past.. or hate alternate non cookie cutter lifestyles; they'll fight tooth and nail.. not sure on how it'll go in CO w/$upreme court.. if it goes that far.. w/feds (they gotta know they're lying; some of them.. perhaps sadist lushes behind closed doors?) goes back to industry imho; hemp/rope/all kinds of products .. pigpetrol took over .. made things out of plastic instead.. big imported paper mills.. publishing firms churning out lame religion ok'd books etc..
it's a digital era and they too are holding tight to what's left in that industry.. obsolete

there's Reefer Madness..
that'll raise an eyebrow or two ha
latest growers review 2012 of hightimes i think looks damn good too... better than crudweiser lite n' prescription mixing with bumps from bloddy cartels..and liver damage w/car wrecks imho.. I'll never knock natives that have secret substances from nature that'll open up a few doors in yer head; shit even science brought us LSD that'd help out an alcoholic so I read few months back! Save thy lungs!
bowl's worth+grind+place on saltine or mini tortia+cheese on top melt (bake careful w/that nuke until melt/ let dry bond  =
: )
&hav hydration handy ; )

or the quick egg omlet de broccoli yes indeed..
X )
~good night sleep indeed

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Hmm, but missing the principal point, follow the money. Those making the most money from pot is organised crime. They have spent a lot of money defeating legalisation measures, because if it was legalised, there would be a lot of drug industry people out of business. Pursuant to this fact, it's pretty safe to assume that organised crime control the DEA much more than is generally assumed. It's the only way they could have kept on going for so long. Even during liquor prohibition, "the law" was in bed with organised crime. We live in a crooked crooked world. It is astonishing that those mountain people achieved a majority of votes on this topic, simply astonishing.

indeed.. the industries

oh and w/egg best to smash the yoke in pan cya!


GG, You are the stoner's stoner.  Keep those rants and recipes coming!


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