The Union is a fantastic documentary about Cannabis sp.
Here is the official website.

I'm a little late seeing this but wow, what a whallop it punches. Amazing interviews and so many valid juxtapositions. I've always wished I could smoke, but I'm just such a horrible cougher!  If I could have a constant supply of marakesh butter, I'd so be on top of that! LOL I guess I've seen most marijuana movies, but this one beats them all for sheer overwhelmingness of valid content.

I think the legalisation of marijuana could/should be a major platform and speaking point for atheists. Since the battle against marijuana is similar to the battle against religion in so many many ways.

In atheist forums we read how if there was evidence we'd see it... that is certainly true of marijuana, if there was evidence of its "evil" we'd have seen it by now. My mother, and sister, and brother, have all suffered from nicotine addiction, and my mother has the bad lungs to show for it. Nicotine was the gateway drug for my sister and brother who both are occasional weed smokers. Both my sibblings have dealt with their nicotine addiction all their life whereas their weed use has never gone beyond occasional use.

Carl Sagan is mentioned in the movie, and the talking heads are from the legal system, the health system, the agricultural field, government, business, and illegals themselves.

What blows my mind is that there has been so little progress on this front. Maybe some you have experience in this area?

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You remember that ad campaign "your brain on drugs" with eggs sizzling in a pan... Apparently that came from some monkey research in the 60s where they suffocated some chimps by gasing them, litterally, with gas masks getting them to breath the equivalent of 50 joints for 5 minutes each day for a month. The monkeys' brain cells were dying of asphyxiation, not THC! Wow, more bad science... bad science is more depressing to me than religion, it is so fundamentally dishonest.
I read about the monkeys in "The Emperor Has No Clothes"...that was sad. "Hey, let's kill some monkeys by asphyxiation and act like it's marijuana overdose..."
I heard that the beer industry lobbies against the legalization of marijuana in droves.
There is a good point made about that in the doc too. I remember a previous such documentary, I think it was Reefer 101, mentioned Mr Dupont as a major lobbier against hemp back in the good ole days because he wanted to ply his synthetic ropes onto the world and make great proffits and hemp ropes being very high quality, the only way to compete against it was to ban it... There are many financial interests lobbying against Cannabis.

Interesting how hemp is the paper on which the USA constitution is printed on...
I did see that they were big contributors to the republican convention, and put 2 and 2 together from there. Alcohol wants a monopoly on intoxication...well, there still is alcohol in Amsterdam as far as I know, and also Christiana (a place in Denmark where pot is openly sold)...




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