Colorado, first state in the Union ( we were about an hour ahead of Washington) to legalize Marijuana for recreational use.  First of all, we won't be spending (wasting) money and personnel looking for and arresting people that are using a natural product.  A product less harmful than tobacco or alcohol. Further, once a taxing system is in place, the state has an additional revenue source. The money currently going to the drug cartels will now go to the citizens of the state.

From my point of view, this an excellent trend but it needs to be expanded.  I don't mean expansion of the medicinal or recreational use, but rather, legalizing commercial Hemp farming and processing. Hemp cultivation can be a HUGE cash cow – it can substitute for cotton in almost all applications (FYI: cotton uses 25% of the world's production of pesticide and fertilizer) – it can replace many of the synthetic fibers currently in use, in fact, it has an enormous number uses.  It's the perfect crop for small farmers and would certainly help the thousands of farmers in a financial hole.

But for now I'm going to burn a large bowl of the now legal herb. 

Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

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Dying of envy! Pennsylvania will be another 20 years at least. I wonder if employers will still drug test for it if it is legalized--probably, since people have still been fired for using marijuana when they had a prescription.

Still annoyed that it wasn't California that legalized recreational use of Marijuana, we came close in 2010. The big problem is that its still illegal on the federal level, and will take a court case(or hopefully Obama) to change that.


What's going to likely happen to users because it's still illegal on the federal level?

Well state and city authorities will no longer enforce or prosecute  pot use, within the restrictions in the amendment.  I seriously doubt the Fed is going to send in a gang of DEA agents to bust some pot smokers. Each individual can grow their own and have up to 8 plants at a time – I'm pretty sure 8 plants of lovingly tended dynamite weed would more than serve my needs.

Obama probably wont bust anyone, though dont hold me to that. But if we get another president in there, they probably will have some arrests. Of course, that means that we would get a court case, and hopefully to the supreme court within 10 years.

The farming of marijuana/hemp will now need to be addressed further. In Canada, we grow lots of hemp for food and clothing. I can see that some farmers will have rights similar to micro-breweries. We also need legal space for people to grow 5 plants or so, with no legal impediments, just like people can brew at home, as long as it's not for sale.
Still lots to do, but this is a great start. I wonder how this will play out with the Narcs

Most of the tourist will likely have very blood shot eyes and be a wind fall to resturants.




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