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Comment by Jeff on July 3, 2009 at 5:14pm
SGecko is just too funny. I was a single Dad for 16 years. My daughter is 27, thank the trees and flowers. She was raised the same, except she was allowed to smoke pot and now, doesn't. I do. Arrest is not a fear once you've experienced it, 4 times.
Comment by Drawz on July 3, 2009 at 4:10pm
Sarah Bonner! You dirty pot-smoking hippie! I'm gonna tell your mom on you!
Comment by Mare on May 21, 2009 at 4:57pm
Didn't Hemp become illegal because of Mr. Hurst and his paper industry in the 40's or so??? I recall coming across that info at some point....
Comment by Rich Goss on May 18, 2009 at 11:33am
SGecko, Thanks for the kinds words. Mirror Reversal says a lot says a lot about the human condition. I had the same fantasy about the Palestinians and the Israelis. My vision is an ET goes to Jerusalem and gets up on a soapbox. “You people suck because you don’t know how good you have it as human beings. You have no idea of all the luck it took for nature to evolve such a wonderful creature, and you give all the praise and glory to an imaginary god instead of the laws of nature that gave rise to you.

“So end this religious bullshit and enjoy your humanity. THERE AIN’T NO ALLAH AND THERE AIN’T NO YAHWEH. So shake hands, smoke a peace pipe stuffed with some glorious Arabian hash, dig each other’s music and dance, revel in diversity, have an old-fashion hippie fuckfest, and love life while you’re lucky enough to have it.
Comment by Gecko, of Richie! on May 18, 2009 at 9:56am
O Richard you have captured in your writing a serious truth!! Same thoughts I had years ago at raves or the really big gay clubs where masses of humanity would congregate and share whatever they felt like sharing with each other. The connectedness of it all!! No violence no animosity, just the human race of all colors shapes sizes, grinding touching loving the fact that we were all there and NO one could steal that moment. Play fantasy for a moment all Palestinian youth and Israeli youth devoid of sectarian hatred throbbing , pulsing with each other to a musical form that really dates back to our most primitive ancestors. They would be less likely to want to kill one another. i think. Thanks for that wonderful post.
Comment by Susan Stanko on May 17, 2009 at 11:12am
In the words of Jon Stewart, "What's wrong with us?"
Comment by Rich Goss on May 16, 2009 at 10:25pm
Here's a paragraph from my book that deals with this fucked-up morality we're trying to live under. Pleasure is bad and sacrifice good becuase we're living for the afterlife.

Looking at herself in the mirror with a serene smile of success, Cynthia reminisced about the great times she had the last few weekends at the rave clubs. She loved to dress up sexy and beautiful, get there early, pick up the first good-looking hunk who turned her on. Then she’d spend the rest of the night disco dancing, having intriguing conversation, perhaps smoking a little grass – body stuff that makes the skin very sensitive to touch, nothing heavy – finally going up to the dark balcony and having doggie-style safe sex with her arms resting on the railing. While screwing she could overlook the festive dancers below, enjoy the Beats & Breaks music, and watch pixie light rays of color reflecting off the whirling glitter ball and the glitzy costumes. That was her idea of a good time, good clean All-American fun, and she tried to understand why this should be considered immoral by anyone who was into humanity and the human condition. -- especially in a world with so many people doing serious damage to one another and catastrophic damage to the environment.
Comment by Gecko, of Richie! on May 16, 2009 at 9:59pm
Absolutely that is good advise and yeah thats all why I said NO DOPE. But it was sad telling her that it was because of big brother and not a legitimate reason. Im sure in some very safe circumstances she will have a hit but thats it.
as far as vulnerable these poor little boys she occasionally dates, lets just say she is the aggressive one. And she is very cautious about going out with boys larger than her because she is really really petite for age.
She has been raised a young woman of free will. She is not held back by conventional sexual mores, and she is damn sure not held back because of being a female. Shes a little ball of screaming heathen fire. You dont have a heathen son about the age of 16 do ya
Comment by Rich Goss on May 16, 2009 at 8:51pm
SGecko, your daughter has to be careful with whom she gets into arguments. Teachers can be mean and unfair.

I'd suggest using mj discretely under very safe conditions on special occasions like a concert, party or movie. Remember we’re living in near police state conditions when it comes to smoke. Don’t let a bust happen.

Your daughter sounds like a courageous girl. It’s your job to make sure she doesn’t get hurt, because mj makes people vulnerable. It’s a shame, but such is reality.
Comment by Gecko, of Richie! on May 16, 2009 at 7:38pm
I cant smoke weed any ore because of my military status, my wife the same. One of the saddest days as a parent was having to tell my daughter NO she could not smoke grass, because...its illegal. The law will come after you they will attempt to ruin your life with a "drug" conviction.
"But daddy it cant be bad for you."
" No its not"
" But we had so much fun we talked about ALL kinds of things that I never talked about before with my friends, we laughed and we were all close we felt a warmth toward each other"
"I know doesnt matter until the law is changed its a no go." Im sorry .
She follows my rule.But she defiantly flies the plant flag on every thing. She has argued with her teacher and the "resource" officer in her school that they are wrong and they are lying to kids about the harmful effects of grass.... yes im very proud of my daughter.

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