Do you like that Penn Jilette is a well-known libertarian atheist? Do you agree with his viewpoints? I seem to like them.

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I really like them both!

Do you have Jilette's book?

I was going to say I read God, No! You read my mind. lol

I find him pretty entertaining, but he plays up the shock value which I'm sure puts some people off.

Big Penn & Teller fan here. I especially like their Fool Us series.

I love Penn! I've been listening to him a lot lately. Although his Penn Point videos are kind of annoying with all of the ads and constant camera switching.  Penn is a very gracious and thoughtful guy.

I'm quite a fan of the "Bullshit!" show. YouTube has many episodes online, I think it's a clever and insightful show. Even with the shock value, they still make sensible points. 

penn also has a podcast called penn's sunday school. Not as polished as most of his stuff, but another hour or so each week for the penn fans! i think there may be some episodes on youtube as well.

Penn Jilette fan here!  I like the way Penn often finds common ground with the more open-minded of differing beliefs, including some of the more freedom minded theists.

Yeah. His magic is great. And I liked almost everthing they did on Bullshit. There are also vids of Telller speaking on utube. Strictly speaking he refrains from talking only when performing as Penn and Teller, or something like that.

And I have heard quite a few of his podcasts. Mostly they are pretty good.

Often, I hear him getting shit for being an asshole. And I don't see it myself. I suspect that probably it is typical statist bias and arrogance




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