We have a small, relatively new group on facebook called The Real Libertarian Atheists. There is a group called Libertarian Atheists that was just a shitload of very liberal trolls. If you are both a Libertarian and an Atheist, you are cordially invited to join our group.


Intro on The Real Libertarian Atheists:

The Real Libertarian Atheist group is for people who are BOTH Libertarian and Atheist to socialize and have intelligent, informed discussion. Name calling, blatant rudeness, proselytizing, attacking people's character, rather than their argument will get you permanently banned. THINK before you post. If you cannot substantiate your point of view, don't post it or you will be called out.

We are not here to deconvert anyone or discuss seating arrangements in Hell. If you are a Liberal, Conservative, Christian, Muslim, or other theist and you have legitimate honest questions and ask them in a cordial manner, you are welcome. You have a right to expect a cordial response. Avoid logical fallacies at your own peril.


We are here to provide fellowship as well as sounding boards for each other. None of us have all of the answers. Please feel free to invite like-minded friends.

This is not a democracy. While the Admins believe in a Libertarian philosophy, if you cannot function as a member of this society, you will be removed.

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