What do you guys know about Paul Ryan?  I haven't researched him yet.

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Hi James - I'm just now trying to research him.

I'm starting with this




From the wiki description he seems to be a right leaning social and fiscal conservative.  Anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion and some birth control(he's Catholic), pro-small government to the extent that he even wanted to privatize social security.  He's against 'entitlement' programs and favors tax cuts for the higher wage earners and businesses, as well as eliminating certain taxes such as capital gains taxes.

He's basically your standard republican on everything. 

Yeah that's what it looks like to me.
I think Paul Ryan is pretty much a right wing xtian. Were you confusing him w Rand Paul? I have made that mistake myself. Neither Rand or his father Ron are my absolute favorite libertarians. But compared to regular republicans they tend to be fabulous.

I think Ron is quite a theist. Tho he tends to be pretty good about maintain t church state wall. Rand, I really don't know.




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