Wow! 20 years in the US, and I have never encountered this problem in writing, but today, I did on Facebook. So now I hope to get advice here:


Is "gotten" a correct English past participle, or should it be "got"?


This link claims it's correct:


Do you concur?



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Most of the times it doesn't sound strange to me. Maybe growing up in Oregon was as isolated as the link indicates New England was (is.) I think there is a 'sense' difference between "I had gotten the flu the day before" and "I got the flu the day before." (And "I had the flu the day before" could be misleading.)
according to this book, both got and gotten are the correct form in american english
I prefer using a past participle different from the past tense whenever possible; so, I am in full support of "gotten". My philosophy aside, I find "I'd got" and comparable sequences using "got" as the past participle of "get" to sound primitive and stupid, like the stereotypical "Ugh! Ugh!" caveman language.

Yes, it's fully correct.


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