I just heard about “The Sharing Economy”:  http://www.economist.com/news/leaders/21573104-internet-everything-hire-rise-sharing-economy

If I understand the definition of “sharing”, there is no money involved.  Peer-peer rental may be a good thing, but it’s NOT “sharing”.  

I hate it when people, especially business people change the meanings of words.

What frosts my tush the most is the business people that changed the meaning of “FREE”.  It used to mean giving something away with no strings attached, but we’ve allowed businesses to attach not only strings, but ropes and steel cables.

Anyone agree with me, or am I excessively nit-picky?

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Don't get me started on commercial abuses of the language. You're right about "free" becoming "free*" with steel cables in the fine print. I find other things are annoying as well, like a "free gift" (is there any other kind?) or real estate professionals buying and selling "homes" when they mean houses, or "growing" a business or a market when they mean enlarging or expanding it.

In other news, people are literally dying of laughter as they notice that the Oxford English Dictionary recognizes that informal use of "literally", which contradicts the strict sense.

Yes, "growing" a business or a market bugs me also.

That just 'decimates' the language, literally!

"Gifting" as in, " I am gifting John a hat."  Can we make it go away?  Oh, and I'll gift you all of my issues, if you'll just give me my problems back!


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