Is it just me? Lately many of the things I read contain glaring errors. It first hit me while reading Tim Tyler's Memetics.

"If memetics explains only explains the imitation of observed behavior, ..." (p 96)

"Perhaps biological an cultural differ..." (p 173)

"Genetic engineers can now take information form wherever they like..."

"However, not everyone seems agree that ..." (both on p 184)

"The upright gait hypothesis hypothesis is interesting for several reasons." (p 206)

I thought, "Didn't the editor even read this? Who was this?" But, lo, no editor was credited. There was no editor! Is this a new cost-cutting trend in publishing?

But the news lately has been just as bad.

It is original from the Andean area of South Africa and widely grown in both the north of Chile and Argentina and the south Mexico, especially Ecuador.

A Promising Fruit: The Tree Tomato

That sample was from today's Science Daily. Yesterday I noticed four or five glaring errors. This is disorienting, even a little scary. Has literacy decline crossed a tipping point?

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Even my spell checker missed a few mistakes. 

Even more relevant in the age of autocowreck:

Famous 'anti-Tea-Party' image of a pro-war counterprotester outside the Boeing missile plant outside St. Louis, Missouri on 3/23/2003, a long-haired mustached man in a blue headcovering with white stars recalling the American flag, and a Cardinals t-shirt, and holding a sign, 'GET A BRAIN! MORANS' Captioned: SPELLING - It's kind of impotent.

Also posted in the Atheist Humor comments:

Presumably some of the same folks who urged liberals to "Get a Brain! Morans" and who posed the choice of "Libety or Tranny?" created this slogan. Thanks to the person who created and published the literal interpretation below!

'OBAMA IS THE ANTCHRIST' [sic] slogan on the rear window of a dark green Ford Explorer SUV, license plate redacted; above an upright ant with Obama's head, with a halo, wearing a crown of thorns and holding a giant cross

(click to enlarge)


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