40 years of words from the enlightenment. ‘The Britannica guide.’ Late 18th /early 19th century. Industry, industrialist, democracy, class, middle class, ideology, intellectual, rationalism, humanitarianism, atomistic, masses, commercialism, proletariat, collectivism, equalitarian, liberal, conservative, scientist, utilitarian, bureaucracy, capitalism, and crises. As ideas evolved so the words describing them had to be tailored to fit. In contrast the religious vocabulary has seen little if any need to change in the past 2000 years; fresh words not being required because of the lack of any fresh ideas to describe.


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When we consider the lack of any intellectual advance in theological philosophy the crippling effect of dogmatic ideas are so easy to detect. The enlightenment, driven as it was by the incredibility of ancient accounts of history, never inspired the theologians of the day to reassess the literal truth of the old stories. Unconditional surrender to given wisdom from an age of ignorance prevented any chance of bringing religion up to date with the realities of life. Dogmatic ideologies just can't stand the test of time.

Instead they're still trying to make the Enlightenment look bad.




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