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I before E except after C or when sounded like A as in NEIGHBOR and WEIGH ...


Guess the rule only goes so far.
I hate when I'm using a shared computer that is set to make automatic changes and then, when I use an actual word that is not in its dictionary, it picks one for me.
Oh - you are a genius, sir! I have someone in mind ...
Clearly your a bunch of idiot's and looser's. Rule's are their too be followed, that i's why their called RULE'S. Alot of writer's get it wrong at first, than they realize their udder moran's in the first place. Jame's Joyce come's to mind, a's well a's Samuel Clemen's, Edward S. Aaron's, and Julia Gla'ss. Both where idiot's!

Now to relax and poor myself some Chabli's -- my whine of choice.
This is what showed up on A/N's Latest Activity:

1 "Don't let corperations take over the country"

2 "Corproations are people"

3 "For those that can not stop misspelling the easiest of words"

Oh - what about prolly (probably), ax (ask), since (sense), moran (moron), etc.
Well, the first 2 are really from spoken dialect--which could take us very far afield. The latter 2 strike me as the result of insufficient phonics--ie, listening to others speaking and to one's own speaking. I had never seen 'moran' until the last few months and now seem to notice it often enough that I have a immediate "oh, that's the becoming common mis-spelling" reaction.
I hate to tell you - but I have seen both 'prolly' and 'ax' used in text based forums/blogs (a little less educated than this one) and chat on online games. I've seen 'prolly' more often.
My point was that they started as spoken variations and then would show up as accurate spelling of the sounds rather than the other way around. A different class of 'error', if you will (or won't).
I had a co-worker who wrote "probaly" all the time. I prefer "prolly" just because of an obscure line delivered by Judge Reinhold in Fast Times ("I'll talk to Dennis Taylor; I can prolly get you in"). Movie version of course, not the original book (which I have, somewhere...)
And there are those who still deny the interconnectedness of all reality!
Is Coproatia a country or are Coproatians a people? Or is it both? Where is Corproatia - in the Balkans?


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