I'm playing around with a few ideas here. I wish I'd taken Latin instead of the four years of Spanish my family convinced me to take. I digress. I want to know how to translate the following ideas into Latin in the pithiest ways possible so as to echo the famous "Cogito ergo sum." I realize it won't sound exactly the same, but I'd like to at least know what I'm looking at. Any further suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks!

I think therefore god does not exist.
I reason therefore god does not exist.

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Just for more fun:

Je pense, donc il n'y a pas de dieu (French).

Ich denke, deshalb gibt es keinen Gott (German). [The capitalization is not in respect for the diety; all nouns are capitalized in German.]

Anybody out there able to speak Esperanto? :)
"Cogito, ergo Deus non est."

Best translation.

"EGO reputo proinde deus does nusquam esse."

Online translations and such are very bad. "Does" is not Latin!
The Neo-Latin word for "computer" is "computatrum."
Of course!
...ther´s a little problem with theses sentences, as the implication "I think" doesn´t state any evidence of the non-existence of a god; you might think, but you don´t automatically have to think correct, so the state of being a thinking being doesn´t implement the non-existence of anything else...
You only can state, that the results of your thinking are, that you can´t prove the existence of a god, but there´s no logical evidence of a nonexistence of anything else in yourself being a thinking being !
which would be in German : Als Ergebnis meines Denkens bin ich zu dem Schluß gekommen, daß die Existenz eines Gottes nicht beweisbar ist !
true, though the implication (in my thinking) was, "I think therefore I can say god does not exist."


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