First it was a spell-checker sample which would drive Microsoft Word crazy and NOW a reading sample which should be incomprehensible, but ... well, is it or isn't it?

Someone forwarded me something similar to this sometime back, which I originally wanted to post.  I have no idea what happened to it, but this will do in a pinch!

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I've seen this before, and it is very interesting. Who'd a thunk it! And here I've worried so much about my spelling.
I would be interested to see if young people who were taught with the Whole Language rubric(s) would have as easy a time as us old-timers who learned via phonics, etc. Yes, we read by words after we learned their 'shape' of the constituent symbols and sounds. Would those who were taught only to recognize a full word be hampered by the shuffling of the whole?
A variation on that theme: someone who is dyslexic, but has adapted reasonably to the whole reading thing. It would really give some idea as to the nature of their adaptation: whether apprehending a word letter by letter or getting the "shape" of a word as a whole.
Variation on the variation: would OCR software be more efficient if their pattern-recognition algorithms analyzed the "shape" of words as well as those of letters?
Cool thought! Would probably take a bit of A.I. to accomplish, but computing power is cheap these days.
I guess, this doesn´t apply to single words without any context, which means, that we´ve no problem in identifying the meaning of the words in this letter, but see it very difficult to identify the words if they´re standing alone...

creorct ?
Its amazing, I saw something like this in advertisements in German. I recognise this here also English is not my mother tongue. The Gestalt facility of human speech brain parts is very strong. You automatically are testing all variations until one fits and this in milliseconds.




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