Just for fun, I'll veer off into a (much) less serious topic than many posted here: Tom Swifties. Don will probably have some good references regarding the origin and proper application of the term, but I would like to take a fairly broad view for this discussion. I think the classic Tom Swifty uses the adverb to make a pun, but I think the verb itself can be used. I'll give a couple of examples below:


"Where did those piano keys go?" Stevie wondered.

"I'll never steal another loaf of bread," Abdul said off-handedly.

"I've spilled acid all over myself!" Marina bubbled.

"I'm a dead patriot," Nathan exhaled.


Anyone care to add some? Extra points if you can work an atheist theme into them.


"You can't make me go to church," Bill said unceremoniously.



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"Did you pay the gas bill?," she asked icily.
"Yes," he replied hotly. Or, "Actually, I think it's a leak!" he exploded. Or even, "No, and you'll have to get used to it," he said, making a blanket denial.
"I have a secret," he added cryptically.
"Why do bishops wear such silly hats?," he asked pointedly.
Tom swiftly replied that he wasn't up to speed on the topic yet.
Finally I came up with one!

"I'll pump my own gas," Tom said self-servingly.


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