In my job I occasionally have to respond to call center forms documenting mis-shipments, missing parts, overages, etc. So, often I end up doing some kind of investigation. One of the forms I got last night stated that somebody would need to "inertigate" the issue.

I'm thinking if I procrastinate enough I will have reached the inert state desired.

Do you have anything similar? Instead of correcting the hoi polloi, let's celebrate the uniqueness.

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Not that long ago, I ended a post with "... it looks like a recipe for distaster."
Knowing you, that was probably deliberate.
Heh. It wasn't the first time, but I've deliberately reused it since.
Hehe, I think typos are often as funny as watching people fall down. They can really be entertaining. I'll keep my eyes peeled for some I come across, and post them here. The funniest ones are when they are completely inappropriate for the content.

I'm a decent typist, but my biggest problem is hitting the keys out of sequence, or hitting the key next to the one I intend.

I've expressed a dislike for contemporary cuntry music before, a sent people a scab I made of a document on my scanner.

I always liked watching "Headlines" on the Tonight Show. It just cracked me up. Hmm, I wonder if there is an RSS feed of that segment I can put on the front page? I'll look it up one day.
Typoes = funny
People falling down = not so much

Unless, of course, it's carefully orchestrated falling down, like Charlie Chaplain or Buster Keaton.
On one of the computer systems we use, an initial screen of legalese comes up and ends with:

Press Ctrl-D to cancel login tempt.

I'll admit it -- I've been tempted.
Hehe. I once had a shirt that was "Made in Arfica."
Hehehehehe! I'd like to hold that office.
Sorry, I just can't imagine you making your way into a Pubic Orifice.
I dunno. You might see my name in the next erection.
I just had an happy funny - I never realized "political function" and "erectile dysfunction" meant the same thing before.
I thought one meant you got screwed and the other meant you didn't




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