In my job I occasionally have to respond to call center forms documenting mis-shipments, missing parts, overages, etc. So, often I end up doing some kind of investigation. One of the forms I got last night stated that somebody would need to "inertigate" the issue.

I'm thinking if I procrastinate enough I will have reached the inert state desired.

Do you have anything similar? Instead of correcting the hoi polloi, let's celebrate the uniqueness.

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Oh, man. I violated Rule #1: Never get involved in a land war in Asia. Wait, that's not it. Maybe it was Rule #1a: Never bring a knife to a punfight.
And don't sweat the petty things - pet the sweaty things.
Hahaha! That really made me laugh. Thanks, Kim. :)
One could argue that is was freudian slip on my part....I do have friends/acquaintances who are still believers, and I try to engage as I can, without alienating anyone...guess it just slips out from time to time!
I almost put up a post with 'resluts' in it. You can't be a revirgin - but I suppose you can be a reslut.


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