Thought you'd be interested:

The Royal Society just published a host (11) of new articles on language acquisition and learning. I haven't read all of them (long articles - you've been warned), just posting this for reference. All these articles can be accessed to from this page.

Abstract of the introductory article (emphasis mine):

Word learning is one of the core components of language acquisition. In this article, we provide an overview of the theme issue on word learning, describing some of the ways in which research in the area has progressed and diverged. In recent years, word learning has become central in a wider range of research areas, and is important to research on adult, as well as child and infant language. We introduce 10 papers that cover the recent developments from a wide range of perspectives, focusing on developmental research, the influence of reading skills, neuroimaging and the relationship between word learning and general models of memory.

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Thanks for posting. I printed one of the PDFs out, but it is pretty academic stuff. However, I will keep the link and peruse it more later on.




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