I'm a bit too lazy to sort through all of our group's discussions to see whether this exists already, but it's an interesting topic (to me, anyway). I'd like people to suggest, in whatever language they wish, words that do not exist but ought to. I'll start with an example: I think that English should include a word "malefit" that is an antonym for "benefit". I realize we have "drawback", but it just ain't the same.

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In the past, the 19th century, American English had a pronoun meaning he or she. The word was thon. For some reason it dropped out of common usage. I feel, that, today, with the emphasis on being nonsexist, this could and probably should make a comeback.
Wow, I love the word "malefit"!
I believe I have just coined a word describing a person who is enamored of and pursues the odd, the weird,
the off the wall. The word is bizarrophiliac.
I like it Joseph.


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